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28.05.2020 Progresswerk toy car ferry added
01.04.2020 Noch catalogue page added
29.03.2020 Noch page updated (first and last issue of models)
September 2017 Ruch / PZW page updated
September 2017 Hammer new page installed.
November 2016 HAUSSER page updated substantially
05.10.2015 Trim Pak , new page installed.
24.03.2015 Airfix pages revised
17.03.2015 SIKU Selbstbau (build yourself) new page.
2.03.2015  Airfix -  A Selection of Kits from 1970 up to now  updated
28.02.2015 Plastic Kits of the 50's and 60's (list) new format
02.03.2015 Plastic Kits 1970 up to Now (list) new format
27.02.2015 Hobby-Time page completely revised, new pictures
10.09.2014 Revell Introduction : Page updated, pictures changed
10.09.2014  Revell Odd Scale Kits I Remember  New page
21.06.2014 Dubena : Subpages of individual kits with more details added
November 2013: Revell - Early Toys and Kits (1946-1954 )
new page 
November 2013 : Revell : This page which I started in 2004 was completely revised.
05.11.2013 Wiking (1:200 models): Page updated extensively
28.10.2010 SUNIL (Premiums Kits): New page
02.10.2013 Solido Page updated extensively
09.08 2013 Mokarex figures. New page.
01.08.2013 : Aeros  New page.
14.05.2013 Ruch / PZW: New page, pictures no text.
25.06.2013 Busch : Updated (additional pictures, links to pages containing history and 1960 catalogue).
03.06.2013 Tasman : Updated (additional pictures, kits are in production again)
29.April 2013  Various Topics Added : Cold War Boxart with Shooting and Explosions
1. November 2012 List of Airfix Kits I Remember Text revised text,  new pictures added, some Airfix pictures replaced by Plasty pictures.
28. October 2012 New page Geobra Catapult Gliders
11 August 2010  FISCHER MODELLE page completely updated
28. August 2010    Progresswerke page started
16. November 2009 NOCH  page started
16. November 2009 FISCHER MODELLE page started
06. November 2009 BIENENGRAEBER page started
09. November 2009 TASMAN page started
28 September 2009 GEOBRA page started
03.November 2009 Home Page revised, new title picture. Introduction and Updates removed to separate pages.
28 September 2009 HAUSSER Super Constellation page started
31 March 2009 Matchbox page started
18. Jan 2008 Picture of Box Type 2 of Airfix Bristol Superfreighter added.
27. July 2007 Pictures of  SIKU Comet IV  BEA version added,
layout of page modified.
26. June 2007 More info and pictures of the SIKU Breguet 1150 Atlantic which was announced in the 1961 catalogue. 
19. June 2007

Dubena. Page updated (additional text, new format but no new pictures.

SIKU F16b Fokker F-27 Aer Lingus  picture added

SIKU F-32 Lockheed WV-2 Radar Plane page revised in text and format , typos corrected.

9. Sep 2005 Introduction (left) rewritten and shortened to free space for this list of updates (right column). The original introduction, is archived here.
8 Dec 2005 Frog / Tri-ang page updated. Some revisions in text. B-52 picture replaced by FROG Oxford. Tri-ang B-66 type D box added.
8 Dec 2005 EKO page started
November 2005 Lindberg and Monogram pages updated, in effect created new . New pictures
24 Nov 2005 Plastic Kits 50´s & 60´s Link repaired
23 Nov 2005 Faller page updated  :  1956 validated by a source as first date of issue of kits .
22 Nov 2005 Aurora page created new : New pictures
22 Nov 2005 Frog / Tri-ang page created new  : Lots of new pictures



Home How it All Began Plastic Kits
50´s & 60´s
Plastic Kits
1970 up
Various Topics Books
50´s & 60´s

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