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NOCH is a German company  based in Wangen which manufactures and distributes scenic and landscaping materials for model railways (Website here).

Noch issued a series of sport aircraft models presumably from 1977  until 2003 (see catalogues).

These models are ready-built and were distributed in blister packs as shown in the pictures right. Scale is H0 that corresponds to 1:87.

They were assembled by parts supplied by Fischer Modelle, as well a German company. Fischer Modelle, designed and marketed this range of lightv aircraft as kits proper in the mid 1960´s. [ 1 ]

List of Models

Cat No. Designation Type 1)  
1145 Motorflugzeug
 Powered Aircraft
Boelkow Junjor  
1146 Hanggleiter
"Slope" Glider
SG 38 2)  
1147 Segelflugzeug
1147 [!] Segelflugzeug
Boelkow Phoebus  
? ? Schleicher Ka-10 3)  

The first models from NOCH I got were the Boelkow Phoebus and the Boelkow Junior in April 2008. For the glider in fact I thought I would get an ASK-13 but the seller sent me the wrong item which belonged to another auction. At his request I sent it back (after taking photoraphs, naturally). I got my own ASK-13 later as well as the SG-38 slope glider. More copies of these types in various colors and liveries followed. So the models in the  list above are confirmed by specimens I have in my collection.


(1) The type of aircraft is not quoted on the package. Instead there is only a generic designation. The two type of sailplanes have the same catalogue number.

(2) The model No. 1146 designated as "Hanggleiter" depicts the SG-38 primary trainer from 1938. One way to get airborne is to launch it via the bungees conveniently from a slope. Hang is German for slope, so  Hanggleiter should not wrongly be translated in English to Hang Glider, which is the contemporary expression for a gliding aircraft, where the pilot hangs in the aiframe.

(3) Though all other aircraft were offered in large numbers in the seconhand market I never encountered a Ka-10 sailplane issued by Noch. It may well be that this mould went directly from FISCHER to Model International which was taken over in 1994 by BUSCH. So NOCH may never had issued the Ka-10.

Boelkow Phoebus

Schleicher ASK-13. Both ©cjk


Boelkow Junior

      Catalogues Notes back to   1970  
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