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H0 44951 Anhänger mit Segelflugzeug K10
( Trailer with Glider K10 )

Bush produces model railway accesoires and scale model cars [ Busch ]

I aquired this model of a trailer with the glider K-10 in a local hobby shop as new. Scale is HO (1/87).

It sells in a box with a transparent lid (picture right).

The mould is of FISCHER MODELLE origin as can be seen by the original FISCHER kit No. FM1 which is moulded into the fuselage.

The glider can be removed from the trailer and snapped together to get an assembled model (picture right).
The pins on the wings should have been sanded down to fit better in the slots, similarily the slot of the horizontal tail has to be enlarged. I have not the time to do this in the moment, so the general fit is crude.

The Ka-10 model is sold also in an airfield set, see below.

FALLER issued an airfield (I bought it in June 2013) with an KA-10 and ASK-13 which show a BUSCH logo.


Retail box.  Other view of box here

Assembled model. Bottom view here


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