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ZP Ruch and PZW


Around 2005 I won the  polish kit of the S-1 Sep glider together with some other gliders of this range (picture 1). I'm not shure if they were part of a lot or just a bargain. All lettering is in Polish language so the name of the maker  did not reveal immediately. These kits went into one of my storage boxes.

Probably in 2012 I bought the S-55 helicopter which I saw in the display of an private seller (picture 2). I could not resist to buy this  "Airfix" like Whirlwind in white plastic. I had to have it. Same as before no instant hint to the identity of the producer. It as well slipped in a storage box and rested there until I started a research on these brands in 2013, inspired by a thread in the Airfix Collecting Forum [1].

I started to aquire kits from these range in various packing styles in a similar choice as shown in the forum. Some examples see pictures below.  Kits in my hands are always regarded as the best primary sources for my researches.


At first sight it semmed to me that all these kits came from the same maker. But with the help of a dictionary I looked up the lettering of the boxes. It turned out that we are concerned here with two companies:

- Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze and

- Zaklady Przemyslowe Ruch

A preliminary compilation of package styles and translations of the lettering is found here.

Until now I found only two sources giving background information of these companies.

1.) In John Burn's collector's guide [2]  we learn that the Polish company Ruch "...(correct name ZP Ruch) issued its first kits in 1965 but ceased production in 1972 when Siedlce took over."

In the entry for Siedlce we read: "This Polish factory produced the Ruch kits from 1972 to the end of the 1980´s. Other labels also used by Siedlce are PZW-72 and PZWPT. Production has probably ended."

According to the lettering of the boxes Siedlce is the town where Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze (PZW) is located. Siedlce  is no company name.

But Siedlce is used in logos as seen in the pictures below.

Picture 5 Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze (PZW) PZL-11c. .(CJK collection)

Picture 6: Long side panel of box. Company headquarters Siedlce appears in logo left. Full text on lower side panel is "Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze Siedlce, ul. I. Krasickiego 15". The text marked in green is the company address.

Picture 7: Logo "PTW Siedlce" on another version of a PCL-11c box.

2.) The Polish website Seria Miniatur RUCH 1:72 [3]  deals with the history of the kits reviewed here. As far as I understand there is differentated between two companies in this order:

Zaklady Przemysłowe „RUCH” Kobylka

Podlaskie Zakłady Wytworcze w Siedlcach

I have to look for help to get a translation. Work is in progress here.
Plastic Kits

Picture 1: Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze (PZW) Sep glider. (CJK collection)

Picture 2:: Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze (PZW)  Helicopter H-1. In fact a Sikorsky /Westland S-55. (CJK collection)

Picture 3: Zaklady Przemyslowe Ruch (ZP Ruch) Helicopter. With ZP Ruch logo. (CJK collection)

Picture 4: Podlaskie Zaklady Wytworcze (PZW)  Sikorsky S-55 . Now the name of the helicopter type appears on the boxtop. Obviously this kit was produced in the post communist aera.(CJK collection)

Picture 8: Ruch TS-11 Iskra. Bagged issue. Only "RUCH" stated as manufacturer. (CJK collection)

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