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I bought the Solido Griffon in an auction in 2004 because of its stunning boxart ( picture 1). I started this page in the same year with just this photo of the box and a link to a display of the parts.

In 2013 I bought a Solido Caravelle (picture 4 ) and a Trident from a private seller. On my recent search for vintage Heller and Aeros kits I came across more Solido kits with wonderful boxarts like the Alouette, the Fouga Magister and the Jodel (picture 2 ). Additionally I generally became interested in lesser known French kits since I did a research on Aeros kits. It is time now to update my Solido page (October 2013) .


The brand Solido can be traced back to the early 1930s when Ferdinand de Vazeille had the idea to produce solid toys with techniques derived from his experience in die-casting ( hence the brand Solido) . His Fonderie de Précision de Nanterre produced  carburettors, cylinder heads and pumps for automotive and aircraft industry since 1919 [2] .

Since the 1930  the brand Solido is well known for its die-cast toy and model cars and military vehicles. Solido also issued a series of die-cast aircraft models in the 1950s (still offered in the 1959 catalogue). Today, after several changes of ownership  Solido is a division of the Simba-Dickie group.

The die-cast vehicles and aircraft are out of scope of my website. An overview of these products with excellent photos can be found in [3].

I treat here plastic kits from Solido, which were produced from 1957 to the end of the 1960 [1]  also issued with the Solido Monavac and Sankol brand. Sankol kits are assembled without glue. [4]

In 1966  the company behind these brands was Solijouets S.A.,Versailles, France according to the catalogue.

Range of Aircraft Kits by Solido

The 1966 catalogue lists the following kits. There are no catalogue numbers just the names of the series. There are no numbers on the boxes as well.

Type of Aicraft as Designated in Catalogue Click pictures for more information Remarks
Série "Sankol"    
North American X-15 Modelstories  
Bréguet Alizé Picture 6, right  
Ètendard IV    
Série "M"   Monavac
Caravelle Picture 5, right  
Boeing   Boeing 707
Série "Super-Maquettes"    
Trident SNCASO S.O.9050 Trident II
Jodel Picture 2-4, right  
Fouga Magister    
Super Mystère B2    
Mirage III    
Griffon Green box, picture 1
Blue box

Picture 1 above : Solido Griffon . Stunning boxart on "green box". There exists also a "blue box" with a much more conventional boxart.
Display of  parts. © cjk  Click pictures for larger resolution

Picture 2 above, picture 3 below: Solido Jodel "Ambassadeur". Boxart extends around the edges to the long boxends.
To the courtesy of mggm2005 ©

Pictue 4 Solido Jodel Abassadeur . Short boxend shows other image of the Jodel. To the courtesy of mggm2005 ©

Picture 5 : Solido Caravelle. © cjk

Picture 6. SANKOL Breguet Alizé

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