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1. Introduction

On my research on Jouets Rationnels which licence-produced Lindberg  kits in France, in July 2013 I came across a thread in a french modeller's forum which reviewed a kit of the SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour from the french brand Aeros.  [1]. I remenbered to have bought two Aeros kits from a private collector about  half a year ago out of curiosity (the Baroudeur, picture 1, and the Fouga).

A lesser known French brand originating in the 50's -  that aroused my interest. So in the way practised so often I thought why not do a research on Aeros aircraft kits.  

I was no easy task - as always with 1950's and 60's brands. No source gave a comprehensive story, they seem to contradict in some cases and were imprecise [2]. After some time I  fortunately stumbled accross the book Figurines Publicitaires from Jean-Claude Piffret, which I considered as the first reliable source for my research [3]. Finally the written personal contact with the author provided me with more certainty and I got some interesting additional information. Merci bien M. Piffret!

I will include this additional information in a later time. I'm currently (March 2015) updating all pages of this websitesite . That implies mostly standardizing the format and eliminating programming bugs. This is to the expense of updating  this page with new findings.

2. History

A series of military and civil jet aircraft kits was launched  in 1958 by Ateilier de Gravure, Paris under the label Aeros. [4]

Founder of Ateilier de Gravure was Rene Gillet, and Pierre and Jaques Fualdes. They designed and manufactured the moulds for the Mokarex  figures from 1953-1962, which were premium give-aways from the Mokarex coffee roaster.

It seems that Atelier de Gravure may even have called themself Aeros before the issue of aircraft kits. This is one of the points were my sources still are not clear.

I did not yet find confirmation when production the Aeros aircraft kits ended. Termination of production of aircraft kits may coincide with termination of production of the Mokarex figures and the launch of their own series of historical figures with the brand Historex in 1963.

MPM Montreuil re-issued Aeros kits in individual boxes or in sets of 6  resp. 12 aircraft
3. Packaging Styles.

In PAK-20 [2] , we learn that  the Aeros kits appeared in bags, clear plastic boxes, or one-piece boxes in the mid 1960. Decals were not included.

In the Modelstories website [2] we read "sachet avec en-tête vert, boite jaune, blister avec image en couleurs et boite plumier en ...plastique transparent." [Bag with green header card, yellow box, blister with colored images and cases of plastic (my ranslation).]

I have identified the following package styles so far:
- Cardboard box with pink panels (pictures 1-3)
- Cardboard box with yellow top (picture7, below )
- Plastic case, artwork on inlet (pictures 4 and 5)
- Blister pack with full color artwork (picture 7)
- Bag, artwork on inlet (picture 8, below)

Apart from the AeroS logo, and he inscriptions "Marque déposée" (registered trademark) or "Made in France" there does not appear any  company name or date of issue on the package.

4. List of Aeros kits


Picture 7 : Aeros Super Mystere B2 in yellow box. © Photo Claude Piffret

Picture 8. Aeros Douglas DC-8 in bag. Same inlet as in plastic case as shown in picture 4.  ©cjk

Picture 1: Aeros Baroudeur . Parts and instruction sheet ©cjk

Picture 2: Aeros Baroudeur. Aeros logo only on long boxend. ©cjk

Picture 3: Baroudeur . One piece end-opening cardboard box. ©cjk

Picture 4:  Aeros Boeing 707. Example of a clear plastic case. ©cjk

Picture 5 : Aeros Boeing 707. Parts seen through the back side of the box. Assembly instructions on rear of inlet ©cjk

Picture 6 : Aeros Comet in blister pack with full color artwork.©cjk

    List of Aeros Kits  Notes back to 50´s & 60´s

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