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Tasman Models

I got aware of Tasman Models plastic kits in October 2009 browsing John Burns PAK-20 [1] .Burns lists about 50 kits, many of them variants of a single type. The following kits aroused my special interest: Airspeed Consul,  Airspeed Envoy,  Avro Anson,  Miles Aerovan, and Nord 1001 Penguin.

John  Burns quotes the following background to this New Zealand company:
"Rex Barker started this short run, injection-molded kit company in the late 1980´s. In the early 1990´s this became the "parent" for several New Zealand plastic kit outfits. Included were Tasman, Falcon,Ventura, Kiwi Wings, Southern Cross and Upgrade".

John Burns quotes
Tasman Models as not producing in his guide from 2003 I found out lately in an internet search that Tasman kits are in production again at JAYS Model Kits.

JAYS  purchased the company and its subsidiaries (Kiwi Wings, Upgrade) in 2012  from the then owner Rex Barker [ 2 ].

Whereas I found the  CT4A  Airtrainer and various issues of the Oxford, Dragon Rapide and CAC Boomerang in online auctions I desperately searched for the favoured kits listed above with no success. No wonder as I learned as well lately they never actually made it off the drawing board and so never went into production. Someone picked up on an announcement that Rex Barker made for future releases, but these kits never got made [ 2 ].


[ 1 ] Burns, John W.:PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits ofthe Twentieth Century (And Beyond). 1st Edition 2003. Published by the author.

[2] Personal information from John Stone owner of JAYS Model Kits, New Zealand.

Picture 1 : CT4A Airtrainer .Pictures of parts, decals and instruction sheet can be found here. I started this page on Tasman in 09.11.2009  to the courtesy of Allen who provided me these pictures.


Picture 2 Upgrade D.H. Dragon Rapide civil markings

 Picture 3 Tasman Airspeed Oxford Post WW II


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