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Trim Pak


I came upon the brand Trim Pak at my research on the french premium Sunil kits in 2013. Four kits of this range were based on Tim Pak moulds, others on Hobby-Time and Lindberg moulds.

I did not find much information about this brand. John Burns quotes in his PAK-20 directory [1]
Trim Model * Products
USA, np [not producing]
These kits were issued in the early 1950's in boxed and bagged packaging. Only the ones below have been confirmed. Lindberg acquired the molds in the early 1960'.
There are listed four aircraft: Vought F4U-5 Corsair (1/97), Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat (1/96), Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star (1/98), and Vought F7U-1 Cutlass (1/86). Indeed  I did not find more than those four types until now and I came upon bagged and boxed issues.

Remark * : This may be a typo, which I think should read as Trim Molded Products.

The inscriptions  printed on the instruction sheets reveal that Trim Pak was just a brand name, the manufacturer proper was Trim  Molded Products Co.  Inc. Wisconsin USA.  A search in the internet yielded that this company produced also plastic toys. Two examples are the Soda-Pop Fountain. and the Kool Aid Dispenser [2] and [3]. From the inscription on the  box of the latter I found out that Molded Products Co, was a subsidiary of Aluminum Specialty Co Manitowoc WI. This company produced aluminum houeswares [4] and the legendary Evergleam aluminium chtristmas tree [5].

The boxed and bagged issues of the Cutlass show a copyright date of 1957, the boxed F-80C a date of 1957 as well. The bagged Hellcat has a copyright date of 1956.

I have no access to copyright dates of the boxed Hellcat and the two issues of the Corsair so I cannot confirm the statement in PAK-20 that "These kits were issued in the early 1950's".

List of Kits
These are the aircraft kits I can confirm having them in my collection or by third party pictures. These four types correspond with the list in PAK-20 quoted above.

Type of Aircaft Bag Box
  Kit no. Kit no.
Corsair F4U-5     A-2 * -
Hellcat F6-F A-3 AA3 ?
F80-C Shooting Star - AA12:29
Cutlass F7U-1 A-13 AA13:29

 * This kit is pictured on  Worthpoint, which confirms its existence.

Trim Pak  Cutlass F7U-1.Kit no. AA13 ©cjk

Trim Pak Cutlass F7U-1. Bagged issue. Kit no. A-13  ©cjk

Trim Pak.  Hellcat F6-F. Bagged issue.
Kit no. AA-3   ©


Trim Pak Hellcat F6-F. Kit no. AA-3. With kind permission of ©

Trim Pak  F80-C Shooting Star. Kit No. AA12.  ©cjk

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