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  Trim Pak - Notes

This page is a sub-page of the Trim-Pak plastic model kit page.  It serves to state the sources for the company names quoted there and show some pictures of products referred there.

I do not collect these items of notes 2-5 and will not go in more detail.
1 Burns, John W.: PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits of the Twentieth Century (And Beyond). 1st Edition 2003. Published by the author.
2 Toy Soda-Pop Fountain made  by Trim Molded Products.

Picture ©cjk
3 Kool Aid Dispenser by Trim Molded Products. Trim Toys logo shown on box. Rear of box showis instructions and hints that Trim Molded Products is a subsidiary of Aluminium Speciality Co. , Manitowoc WI

Pictures courtesy of Barry & Slosberg Inc.Auctioneers ©

4 Picture 3 above and 4 below: A donut maker, another product of Aluminium Speciality Co

Pictures to the courtesy of ranpen53tr  ©
5 Aluminium Trees

From 1959 to 1969, more than 1 million aluminum trees, mainly the flagship tree called Evergleam, were produced by Aluminum Specialty Company, of Manitowic, Wis.

The trees were made using a thin painted wooden trunk with holes drilled into it at angles. When the branches made of colored aluminum foil were placed in the holes, they formed a tree shape.

Quoted from: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (1958) From the newspaper: The Baltimore Sun  October 26, 2008 By Cassandra A. Fortin

More information about caluminium christmas trees see :

Remember Aluminum Trees? (Milwaukee Public Media )

Evergleam Christmas Tree (To the Studs)

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