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Browsing John Burns PAK-20 [
Burns (2003) ] I came across the following statement

West Germany, np (no longer producing )
This company also issued a number of ex-Frog bagged kits in 1969-1974. These kits are listet here. They appeared in the same yellow box style with the kit number on the side. "

That sounded highly interesting and I also looked up
Frog Model Aircraft 1932-1976  [
Lines /Hellstroem (1989 ) ].
There Lines / Hellström write in  The Frog Spawn , p190

"Frog (Germany )
Bienengräber & Co GmbH, Hamburg, West Germany
Bienengräber were agents fo Rovex [a FROG association via Tri-ang] for a number of years and, a such, imported standard Frog kits for sale in Germany.However, they did add new outer boxes to the black series bagged kits, presumably because the bagged Airfix kits were similarily reboxed by
Plasty [ the Gernman distributor for Airfix ]. A common box was used for all the kits, with the kit number added with a pen on the side of the box. The main color of the box was yellow and the text was all German."

I managed to win the two kits depicted above in an auction.

All there:
Black series bag in yellow box, German text on box-ends, kit number (in this case type) handwritten on the side. Same box for every kit as seen by the German instruction on the back (see pictures right).

Here is pictured a list of
Black Series Frog kits from the 1972 / 73 catatlogue. According to the catalog they were available as bags or in the box.

Sadly the two kits I found in   are not just my favourite types of aircaft but they serve well for a start to have some Biengraeber examples. I would be more interested in a Gloster Whittle, D.H Vampire ( or S.6b and DH Comet racer as listed additonally in [
Burns (2003) ]). Though I somehow like the Ta-152 boxart. This plane would make a nice what-if racer ( as well as the Bf-110) but certainly not built from this valuable issue.

According to
Burns (2003) Biengraeber was an import company and ideed one can find examples of Pyro and Fuji kits in the above mentioned catalogue.
Other imported brands cannot be identified directly. One has to determine the individual brand by circumferential evidence from the picture.
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