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LINDBERG kits are classics of my modelling history. The early 1960's, my second phase of modelling, was the time of "working" kits from AURORA, MONOGRAM, REVELL and LINDBERG (see How it all Began). LINDBERG was the exponent for this genre with retracting landig gears, removable jet engines and ejector seats being catpulted out via rubber bands.

Lindberg Kits in my Collection

As usually with major brands I will not provide a complete list of  kits. A comprehensive list of Lindbeg kits can be found in PAK-20 [1]. I'm concerned only with kits from my collection which will be presented in various subcollections.

For a start: History

Although Lindberg was a major plastic kit producer in the 50's and 60's and still lives on as brand of the Round 2 LLC  company there is no monograph published about the history of Lindberg as with Revell, Monogram, Aurora, Heller, Airfix etc.

For a short history of Lindberg see the entry in John Burn's PAK-20 [1]. There is also an even shorter entry in Arthur Ward's Classic Kits [2].

I have not yet found  any reasonable information in the net.

I will not reproduce here the history told in the sources quoted above. My research on company histories normally is confined to lesser known brands.

The only aspect of history which I will treat here is the licence production of Lindberg kits. This interest arose on the research on Busch kits. Below are listed companies which produced Lindberg kits in licence: Lindberg Catalogues
Plastic Kits

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