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Lindberg Kits from Busch Moulds

The German company Busch+Co KG lauched a series of plastic aircraft kits and built-up models in 1958. Production ended in 1962 and the moulds were sold to Lindberg. Scale was nominally 1:175. I cannot determine exactly when the Lindberg distribution was launched [3]. In any case the licence produced Busch kits appear in the Lindberg 1964/65 catalog, which is the base for this compilation

Plastic Kits

In this catalogue the kits are presented as members of three individual series. This is reflected in the arrangement below.

I have no exact information when production ended. The ex-Busch kits are still present in the German 1968 catalogue, but no  more in the German 1974/75 catalogue.


  Miniature Models Series
Magister & Venom Kit No. 428:39
X-15 & F-100 Kit No. 429 (price code blackened)
Me 109 & Bucker Jungmeister Kit No. 430:39  
F-84 & Piaggio P149  Kit No. 431:29 [!]

  Popular Airliners of the World Series
Caravelle Kit No. 454:49

  Fun Packed Easy-To-Assemble Plastic Kits Series
Navy R4Y [Convair ] Kit No. 458 : 49
Junkers Ju-52 Kit No. 462:50
The kit numbers are taken from the side panel of the boxes
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