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Model Toys Ltd. London  (Timpo)

Model Toys Ltd. is mainly known for is figures sold under the Timpo label, which are out of scope of my collecting activities (see [1]).

I was inspired to start this page by a thread in the Airfix Collecting Forum [2], where the triangle of relationship between Busch , Lindberg, and Model Toys Ltd. regarding plastic model kits was discussed and more information requested. So I started a research, the results of which are compiled initially as informal notes in this page.

The Timpo - Lindberg - Connection.
According to [3] Model Toys Ltd. distributed Lindberg kits from 1954 to 1968.

According to my "field research" Lindberg kits were manufactured in licence by Model Toys Ltd (see picture 1, right). See my list of Lindberg kits were licence production by Model Toys Ltd. is confirmed.

The Timpo - Busch connection.
Busch started to produce Timpo figures in 1959 [4]. I do not know when production ended, but I assume it did last a few years only.

According to an in  ad in Flying Review magazin (picture 2, right), Busch aircraft kits were offered in 1958  as "manufactured under Licence by Model Toys Ltd.". This ad appeared in some  later issues of this magazine but no longer than 1959. Only in March 2016, shortly after I revised this page, I found examples of Busch kits manufactured by Model Toys London Lt., like the Piper Super Cup, see pictures 3 and 4 below. I added  these in the current revision as for June 2016.

The Lindberg - Busch connection.
Lindberg offered the Busch aircraft kits in the early 1960s.
(See Lindberg Kits Based on Busch Moulds)

Question: Did they receive the moulds directly from Busch or via Timpo

Early History of Timpo Toys
" The English company Timpo Toys was founded 1938. In the postwar years car and airplane models as well as animal, civilian and military figures were manufactured. In the standard size 54mm, in the metal molds cowboys, Indian, animals, GI's, British soldiers were produced. At 1954 instead of using the metal, plastic was used for the figure production" [5]

Pictures 3 and 4: Piper Super Cup manufactured in licence from Busch by Model Toys ©cjk . < More pictures >

Model Toys Ltd. London  (Timpo)

Picture 1:  This  F4U-5N Corsair (Kit No. 512:98 ) at first sight looks like an odinary Lindberg kit but  "Model Toys" and "Made in England" appears on the long boxend  and the instruction sheet. Click picture for larger resolution.  ©cjk  Box side panel in detail. Compare Lindberg USA original side panel (Kit No. 543:98 McDonnell Voodoo).

Picture 2: Ad in Flying Review October 1958 Vol XIV No. 1. p. 79


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