Progresswerk Nürnberg Boeing 727 - Art. NR. 54040
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Finally I won this long searched for kit in and received it on 15 November 2011. The mould origin is quoted as unknown in PAK 20 [1] and I suppose beside discussions in the Airfix Collecting Forum and the Flugzeugforum also among other collectors and modellers.

I determined the scale to be around 1:117. Taking into account errors in measurement resp. in the Progresswerk design this scale may well round to 1:120, even 1:125. That may point out to HELLER origin, especially as Progresswerk did distribute kits of this company (see introduction).
I bought the Heller Boeing 727 (No 80447 ) and compared the parts. It was clearly to be seen that the two kits have completely different parts (pictures here) .

So this Boeing 727 kit is another example of a kit made from an mould  designed by Progresswerk itself.

There is  evidence that the mould of this Boeing 727 is used for the Atlantic Models B 727.  I have to do more research to confirm this.

Parts sealed in bags

Click for larger picture

Closing the bags with this nice-looking straps looks a bit strange but this sort of sealing seems to be original.

Original size picture

Parts partially laid out (to compare with other moulds)

Box Ends


[1] Burns (2003 )

Instruction sheet front side

Larger picture of upper part
Larger picture of lower part

Instruction sheet back side

Click for larger picture

Note: Landing gear is retractable and the side engines are moulded seperately to be mounted into the nacelles.

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Author: C.J.K. All pictures © cjk if not otherwise stated.