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Progresswerk Nuernberg - History
I still have no  information about the specfic history of plastic its from PROGRESSWERK NUERNBEG apart from what can be deduced from text printed on the boxes, the instruction sheets and catalogues. Below is an abstract of the general company history showing the time scale, the succession of owners and company names. More will be off topic here but is elaborated in a separate section of this website, where I deal with the complete operation of the Progresswerk Nuernberg company.

1863 The company was founded for production of small leather goods. The founders are not known, but one can deduce they were the Messrs. Wörnlein and Zellhofer
1897   First entry as company in the commercial register Nürnberg as Wörnlein & Zellhofer. Owner now was Konrad Frühwald.
1923 Transition to a public limited company (plc / inc) with additional owners. Company name changed to Vereinigte Lederwarenfabriken Aktiengesellschaften.
1936 New branch : Plastic injection-moulding of handles for instruments for nail care and combs (pioneers of plastic injecton moulding).
1937 Company name changed to Progresswerk Wörnlein & Zellhofer Aktiengesellschaft (= plc )
1939 Change from public limited company to a non-incorporated company. Owner now Wilhelm Frühwald son of Konrad Frühwald
1948 Mould construction introduced as new section.
1950 - 1980 Various subsidiaries founded (production Canada and Tunesia, sale USA ,etc.)
1955 Establishment of NPV - Nürnberger Plastikspielwaren Vertrieb [Nuernberg Plastic Toy Marketing].
1964  Willem Frühwald dies, compamy now owned by three heirs as associates, one of them T.M. the last owner I met personally for interviews.
1965 Mould construction (in Nürnberg ?) stopped
1967 Movement of toy (and kit ? ) production to Maroldsweisach (100 km from the Nuernberg facilities).
1973  Toy production im Maroldsweisach closed down , facilities sold to Kugelfischer (ball bearing) company
1991 Liquidation of remaining branch leather goods started. T.M. is the sole liquidator
1993 Progresswerk is closed down .Cancelled in the commercial register Nürnberg on 23.11.1993

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Picture 1 :Progresswerk company as seen from the front of Nuernberger Strasse in Nueremberg, Germany. The bulding is not the office but a housing with flats errected by Progresswerk in the early 1960's. ©T.M.

Picture 1:  Part of company facilities, housing with flats seen from the rear. ©T.M.

Picture 3: Progresswerk plastic factory in Maroldsweisach, Germany in the early 1970s
Courtesy of Meisenbach GmbH (Das Spielzeug magazine)©
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