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Scope and Appreciation of my Matchbox Collection

Matchbox Kits of my 1980s Collection

The four Matchbox aircraft I added to my  1980s collection ( pictures on page 1)  fitted in the categories  civil of any vintage or post war military which were - and are - my preferred topics.

The Norseman additionaly is one of my favorite type of aircraft. It is a must have kit.

In my collectors eyes from today the Norseman and the Skynight also do have a very attractive boxart, wheras the Skyservant and the Sabre do not.

If  had to thin out my collection I  would dispose of the Sabre first. It does not have any meaning to me today. Opposite to the other three aircraft it is an every-days subject and it does not have the most inspiring boxart.

Matchbox Kits Aquired since 2003

The Saab J-26F (picture right) was bought in Nov 2004: I do not remember if I considered the auction price of EU 13.00 as bargain or I simply loved the boxart. Anyway, being a fighter of the 50s it fits exactly in the scope of the types of aircraft I collect in addition to the kits I remember . Sadly the parts were crudely painted by the pre-owner, though they are still on the sprues. (picture right). Not much value to resell or to build. I will keep it to have an example of the boxart, which looks quite nice today, when I write this, too.

The two additional Skyservants I bought in May 2005 certainly were a bargain for $ 5.00 for both, the share of postage for a combined shipment with other items was not more than  $ 3.00. One could be used to build, keeping my pristine original 80s copy intact in the box. The other copy from 2005 could be sold, though there is missing the stand.

I bought the Privateer (picture right) in May 2007 not because it was a Matchbox brand but for the type of aircraft and the provision to build it alternatively in a 1948 transport version. See picture on the detail of the long box-end below , the the alternate fuselage panels in the picture on he right and the instruction sheet .


I wish (civil) transport conversions out of the box had been offered by other manufacturers, too , for all bombers and seaplanes from the B-25, to the B-17, the Sunderland, Lancaster, Halifax and more. 

Future Aquisitions

Future Aquisitions starting with 2009 will be dealt with in the Blog section, the concept of which I introduce herewith to my website.


Saab J-29F No. PK-033 cjk
Sprues of Saab J-29F painted silver by the pre-owner.
Compare backside of sprues showing the original color
Above : PB4Y-2 Privateer/Liberator RY-3 -  No. PK-606
Below : Alternative fuselage panels.

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