Matchbox Aircraft Kits in my Collection
Kit   Catalog No.  Date of Issue 1) Picture         Review Bought Updated
Dornier Do 28D-2 Skyservant
PK-107 1974/75 X   1980īs & May 2005  
Douglas Skyknight F3D-2/F3D-2T2  PK-134 1988 X   1980īs  
Norseman IV/UC-64A
PK-125 1981 X   1980īs  
North American F-86A-5 Sabre
PK-032 1982 X   1980īs  
Saab J-29F PK-033 1979/80 X   Nov  2004  
PB4Y-2 Privateer/
Liberator RY-3
PK-606   1981/82 X   May 2007  

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