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Ruch - Packing Styles


Generally I have made out three types of packing styles of RUCH kits. Two variants of bags and a end-opening box with a tray.  Kits from RUCH , were produced in a period from the early 1960's up to 1972 (see RUCH History). As I did not find any reference to dates on the  header cards, boxes or instruction sheets, I have no idea when the individual packing type was issued. But I assume that RUCH kits were first issued in bags.

Bagged Kits

The kit in picture 1, right, is probably the first issue of the RUCH Westland Whirlwind S-55. This is until now the only example of this type of header card, which I will call TYPE 1. The complete factory name and address  PRZEDSIEBIORSTWO PRODUKCJI POMOCNICZEJ "RUCH“ WARSZAWA 47, UL. WOLNOSCI is printed on the lower end of the header card (see detail in picture 2). That translates to:  Auxillary Production Works "RUCH“ Warshaw 47, Wolnosci Street.

It was not yet produced in the Zaklady Przemyslowe "Ruch" factory in Kobylka as the other kits reviewed below.

Compare artwork with that from the Airfix Type 1  header card of the Westland Whirlwind S55.

The type of bagged issue shown in pictures 3 and 4, right,  for the S 55 helicopter and the TS-11 Iskra,  I come across most often and I consider it as the main bagged issue, caled Type 2.

Both helicopter kits use the generic name SMIGLOWIEC for helicopter instead of  the type name proper Sikorsky S-55. Probably as it is a Western aircraft opposite to the TS-II Iskra (picture 4), which is an indigenous Polish aircraft type. Title is Samolot odrzutowy (=jet) TS-11 ISKRA.

Opposite to the Type 1 header card the Type 2 cards do not show the complete company name and address. Instead there is a logo RUCH on the left panel and the  complete company name and address is located at the inside of heheader card (see picture 5). It reads there: ZAKLADY PRZEMYSLOWE "RUCH“ KOBYLKA K. WARSZAWY, UL. NAPOLEONA 7, POW. WOLOMIN.

Type 1 header cards have the additional lettering:
SERIA MODELLI PLASTICU which translates to: Series of plastic models.
ZESTAW KONSTRUKCYJNY SAMODZIELNEGO MONTAZU which translates to something like:  self construction kits

Type 2 header cards have the additional lettering:

SERIA MODELI Z TWORZYW STUCZNYCH which translates to: Series of true to scale models.
ZESTAW KONSTRUKCYNY DO SAMODZIELNEGO MONTAZU as above, which ranslates to: Series of plastic models.

Plastic Kits

(Forum Modelarstwo z pasaja)

Picture 1: Type 1 bagged issue of RUCH Westland Whirlwind S 55 with the generic name Smiglowiec for helicopter.  

Picture 2: Detail of company name and address.

Picture 3: Type 2 header card from second bagged issue of the RUCH Westland Whirlwind S 55. (Courtesy of Seria Miniatur RUCH 1:72)

Picture 4: Type 2 header card of RUCH TS-11 Iskra. (CJK collection) 

Picture 5: RUCH TS-11 Iskra. Unfolded header card shows complete company name and address marked with a red circle.

Boxed Kits

The company name appears on the lower edge of the boxart:

Industrial Works "Ruch" in Kobyłka near Warshaw, Napoleona street 7, Wolomin district.

As with the bags there is a generic name SMIGLOWIEC for helicopter, wheras the Iskra kit shows the type name proper (picture 8)

On the left there is the logo ZP RUCH.

The stamp on the center of the boxtop says Hubschrauber, the German word for helicopter. This copy is obviously an export version for former Eastern Germany (GDR).

The boxes are of end-opening style and contain a tray (see picture 7, below)

At the rear of the boxes there are printed  colored profile  drawings of the aircrasft type (see picture 8 right).

Picture 6: RUCH SMIGLOWIEC (= Helicopter) boxed issue. (CJK collection)


Picture 7: Ruch TS-11 Iskra. Boxed issue (CJK collection)


Picture 8
: Ruch TS-11 Iskra. Rear of box. The label seems to be from a model shop in Paris and not from the manufacturer. (CJK collection)

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