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Cold War Boxart with Shooting and Explosions

The idea for this compilation came from a thread in the Airfix Collecting Forum  starting in May 2010  with this picture of a HAWK Javelin shooting at Russian Bison bombers. And I was stimulated to start this page by finding the boxart from a KMT Talos misile in an auction, see picture 1  below. Credit goes to photoflight1 for permitting to use it here.

Cold War aircraft and ships (AFV and soldiers are excluded in my collection) naturally are not shown in a fighting environment as it is the case with WW 1 and WW 2 models. There are examples where wepons are used but that may well be in an exercise or wargame (See examples from LINDBERG  Mig-19 and Starfire ). But there are  exceptions from the rule where fictional Cold War fighting  is shown in a boxart. Koean War and Vietnam War action are not considered as "Cold War" here.



As one does not have access to the Airfix Collecting Forum  without registering (which I recommend) I list here direct links to boxart pictures
posted in this forum  which I think are most representative for the subject treated here.

FROG Nike  aka  Renwal Nike
HAWK Freedom Fighters
Air Lines (FROG) Fairey Gannet

  Picture 1 : KMT Talos Missile © To the courtesy of photoflight1

Left to the center there can bee seen a swept wing aircraft with a fireblaze  on the wingtip. Should that depict a  Ryan Firebee target drone ? I do not think so. Judging from similar silhouettes in the  background right it seems to be a formation of bombers which are passing the scene.

  Lindberg B-58 Hustler
My newest aquisition July 2013

  Picture 2:  Revell Starfighter

There as well is the impression that they do not shoot at drones.

Picture 3 : REVELL U.S.S Essex Aircraft Carrier

A burning warship in the background, no Korean War aircraft, that is: Fictional Cold War fighting action.

  Picture 4  left : ITC F-108 Rapier Interceptor

Crew is running for their life. The whole setting with the salvo does not look to be an exercise.

Picture 5 above : Detail of ITC F-108 kit

  Picture 6 : U.S Airfix Buccaneer

Different boxart from the original AIRFIX packing ( as seen here Type 2 boxart, Type 3 boxart)

Bullet holes in the wing , a burning warship, a shot down aircraft which remarkedly looks like a Japanese Zero from WW2 [ !! ?? ].

  Picture 7 :  U.S Airfix Hawker Hunter

Certainly a GAF Jindivik target drone the Hunter is aiming at in an exercise. Not exactly fitting the theme but it makes an interesting comparison and a boxart topic for itself.

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Started : 29.April 2013  Revised :. Author: C.J.K.
Pictures © cjk if not otherwise stated