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Bastel-Stöven Schleicher Ka-10

I would not have found this kit if the seller from an auction did not put the name FISCHER in the title. He found FISCHER MODELL moulded in the inside of the left fuselage.

This seems to be a repacked Schleicher Ka-10 from FISCHER MODELLE .

BASTEL STOEVER is a hobby shop. It still exists but has changed ownership. I try to contact the former owner to get more information about this kit and maybe I get a trace to the original FISCHER MODELLE company.

MADE IN WEST GERMANY moulded inside of the right fuselage half.

Front and back side of the header card are equal.
There is no additional text on the inside of the card.

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Started : 11.08.2010 Revised : Author: C.J.K.
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