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  Progresswerk Nuernberg - Notes

1 Burns, John W.: PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits of the Twentieth Century (And Beyond). 2003. Published by the author.

John Burns tells us in PAK-20) that Progresswerk Nuernberg "....issued ex-ITC kits in the mid 1960´s. Mould origin for the Boeing 727 is not yet known."  The following aircraft are listed:
5003   North American XF-108 Rapier 1/89 1)
54001 Northrop N.156 Freedom Fighter 1/59
54002 Northrop T-38 Talon 1/52
54040 Boeing 727 Lufthansa 1/125
1)  No 5003 obviuosly is a typo.
2 Burns, John W.: The Collectors Value Guide For Scale Model Plastic Kits(CVG). 6th edition. 1999. Published by the author.  John W. Burns lists the following ships, which "...appeared in the mid 1960´s"

3647.5 Graf Spee (ex ITC) 2)
Rhein River Cruise ship
Z-1 Zerstorer-D

2) "3647.5" is the typical original ITC number, as seen in the entry of original ITC ships in this CVG.

54 040 Gorch Fock , as listed in the Z1 instruction sheet  is not listed by Burns but a Rhein River Cruise ship which does not appear in the Z1 destroyer instrucion sheet, but as 54 027 /032 Raddampfer "Vater Rhein" in the 1970's catalogue .
3 Airfixcollecting Forum
4 ITC Ideal Toy Company See article in Oldmodelkits
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