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1 - History in German language.
- Takeover by Preisser
- Preiser Website
Hausser Elastolin Figuren website
2 Burns, John W.:PAK-20. Plastic Aircraft Kits of the Twentieth Century (And Beyond).
1st Edition 2003. Published by the author.

On page p. 218

West Germany, np
A 1/86 Lockheed Constellation with Lufthansa markings, kit number 2554, was isued in the late 1960's.
3 In 2007, 2008 and 2009 the real Constellation kit was offered in always by the same seller. He claimed the three copies originated from the company archive which has been closed down after the bankruptcy of HAUSSER in 1983.
The first went for EUR 1,239.- (I repeat in words:one thousend two hundred). I did not store data for the other auctions but I'm quite shure they went for more than EUR 500.-. Too expensive for me just for satisfying my historical curiosity so I did not buy one.
4 H.Lang,  A.Pietruschka
ELASTOLIN Kunststoff-Figuren und Zubehöre
Bestimmungsbuch und Preiskatalog
Verlag Figuren Magazin ISBN 978-3-930029-02-0

5 The gaming instruction of the the board game Flight Around the World which is printed on the inside of the boxtop includes an ad for the Super Constallation kit. See my translation on the right. I compute a scale of 1:86.63 from the numbers quoted there which rounds to 1:87. The SUPER CONSTELLATION pictured on the game-box currently is the most beautiful and most modern airliner of the world . It is offered by us as a kit via toy dealers in a scale matching a HO train. Wing span is about 43 cm (= 37,25 m in large-scale technology).

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