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Kit No. FM-15B

The first original FISCHER kit in my collection.

This kit is simply called Hangleiter, which translates so something like "slope glider". Obviously a Schneider Schulgleiter SG 38 should be modelled.
(Schulgleiter translates to glider trainer ).

This single seat primary trainer was first flown in 1938 in Grunau, Germany (now Jezów Sudecki,  Poland.) More about this aircraft see

- (German language)
- nationalmuseum                 
- Air Btitain Archive

In his Plastic Kits of the 20th Century collector´s gide [1] John Burns listsw this kit as FM15 B Hang Glider. This seems to be a wrong translation of the German term Hanggleiter.
Hang is German for slope, so Hangleiter should translate to slope glider . The SG-38 generally was launched with bungee cords conveniently from slopes and this may be the term Hanggleiter is derived from. The SG 38 is not like a contemporary Hang Glider proper, a gliding craft where the pilot hangs in the aiframe, the Haengegleiter in German language .

The picture below shows the back of the header card which is a basic assembly instruction.
No other instructions are inside the card or in the bag.
The staples are still original, the box was never openened.

The next picture shows the parts in higher resolution.


[1]  Burns (2003)
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